2018 Review

January 4, 2019

2018 Review - Kevin McCoy

Looking back at my journal for the year, here are some memories, moments, ideas or other miscellany that stand out.

Big Rocks

Smaller Pebbles

Overall Thoughts

2018 for the most part felt a little stagnant, for me personally. Part of it was temporary and known in advance - as I took on more responsibility at home due to Stefanie being in school 2x/week plus still working full time. I failed to account for this in my early 2018 expectations, so this is mostly my fault.

Part of it is work related, as I find myself doing exactly the same thing(s) I have done since starting in public accounting 20 years ago. I am the kind of person who values self-improvement and finding more interesting problems to solve, so this is my main source of frustration. I don’t want to be writing this in my 2023 or 2028 year-end review.

Another part is health related. As I (rapidly) approach 50 I know I should be exercising regularly, as my doctor confirmed in November. I made strides toward this in late summer with my early-morning dog walks, but the habit fell apart when winter hit. Starting roller hockey again was bittersweet - awesome to be back out there with the guys, but realizing how much I’ve slowed down over the time I’ve been away. This will be a focus area for 2019. Time to dust off the weights in the basement.


As a nerdy accountant, I like to track certain things and see where our money goes.


Here are the top 5 eating establishments we visited in 2018 (number of visits)

  1. Panera Bread (26)
  2. Chick-fil-a (20)
  3. Taco Bell (19)
  4. Paul’s Donuts (16)
  5. Tie - Jimmy John’s & Qdoba (14)

Miscellaneous Money Related Numbers

40 - The Starbucks app only goes back to October, but by my guess I went about 40 times during 2018.

128 - Amazon orders in 2018, up from 92 in 2017, including probably 75% of Christmas presents.

$11,555 - We paid off our loan on the Honda early, in anticipation of student teaching taking a bite out of our income. As luck would have it, Stefanie found a student teaching position that allows her to keep her current pay & benefits.

2% - Increase in net worth - mostly due to a late stock market drop at the end of the year. At the end of November it was up over 7%.

Books Read

I only finished 10 books this year, I got stuck on a certain non-fiction book*, ended up quitting on it, and taking a brief hiatus from non-fiction for the rest of the year. Then got on a David Sedaris kick toward the end of 2018.

Other Highlights

Best Decision I Made - started playing roller hockey again, on a team in an organized league. First time in probably 10 years. I am enjoying just playing, not caring about winning or losing.

My son’s favorite moment/memory of 2018 - trip to California, visiting Yosemite and Napa especially.

My daughter’s favorite moment/memory of 2018 - trip to California & riding the Boomerang at the local water park.

Bring on 2019!