2019 Recap

January 22, 2020

2019 Recap</title?>

This isn’t a full 2019 review, I keep that private. This is more of a current events” type post, that I can look back on in 5 years and say, hey, I remember that”.

What I’m watching/what I watched on TV

How we watch TV might is ever changing, too. When I was a kid it was OTA and cable. Then satellite blew up. Now streaming is hot. Midway through the year we switched from Sling to Hulu. Sling dropped Fox Sports, and thus St Louis Blues coverage, so they are dead to me. We also subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Podcasts I’m listening to

I usually listen with the Overcast app, but toward the end of the year it would randomly pause in the middle of an episode. I gave it time to self-correct, but it never did. Overcast support is non-existent, so I eventually moved everything back to the default Apple Podcast app.

Favorite quotes I came across