50 Possibilities

July 31, 2020

50 Possibilities</title?>

Nicholas Bate has 50 Possibilities for an Easier Life

My Favorites (with my comments):

  1. Having a definite and distinct place to keep your keys. (For me one less decision and worry.)

  1. Clarifying your use of time…work hard, play hard and don’t allow technology to confuse the two.

  1. Getting out more. (this is one highlight of the Covid-19 world - more walks, more trails explored)

  1. Writing stuff down. (Though I am not great at reviewing and adjusting.)

  1. Use the camera on your phone to record things. (I started doing this early on this year but it fell off. I thought it would be cool to have something for my kids to see later. Nothing extraordinary, just some little day to day things.)

  1. Understanding compound interest. (most people talk about it in the positive sense but avoiding compound interest on debt is even more important, IMHO)