A Book About Nothing

July 31, 2019

A Book About Nothing

For at least the second time in a week, a blog or newsletter I read regularly has mentioned the book How To Do Nothing. I have not read the book, but am intrigued by the premise.

My first reaction was: what a luxury it is to be living in a time where a book about Doing Nothing (and apparently that we need advice on the topic) exists.

My second thought, reading the book’s description: a field guide to doing nothing as an act of political resistance to the attention economy., not only do we live in a time where leisure is available, but apparently we are the cause of Not Doing Nothing, aka busyness.

Personally, I do find it hard to Do Nothing sometimes. I am slightly OCD about tidying up for example, so I will default to going around picking up things, instead of just sitting. This is one reason I love to take walks. It’s just a walk, no distractions (I don’t wear earbuds or listen to music or podcasts anymore). Usually just me and the dog, early in the morning. Time to think and just be.