Bad Value Propositions

January 24, 2020

Bad Value Propositions</title?>

I originally came up with most of these on breaks at my tax update course in November. I came back across them while reviewing my notebooks during my year-end review. The idea was how ridiculous some business ideas sound if you think about them with a pessimistic stance, as opposed to the oh wow, what a great idea, I’ll invest $10 million” attitude we hear about nonstop.


Ever wanted cold, fast food delivered to your door step for three times the price? There’s an app for that!


Get into a stranger’s unmarked car and….get where you’re going?


It’s money. You just can’t see it. And we’re not sure how much it’s worth.


Come see everyone else’s vacation pictures and your right-wing, nut job uncle’s latest political conspiracy theories! And ads. Lots and lots of ads!


Post your resume so everyone in your industry can spam you with the least creative or original emails ever!


Rent office space from us so we can keep tricking people into investing billions in literally the most boring thing ever.