February 4, 2019

Birthday - Kevin McCoy

Today is my birthday. I woke up not wanting to go in to work. Another year passing is a reminder that I still haven’t made much progress toward my goal of working for myself. Then I spent the first half of the day battling stomach pain, probably due from too much snack/junk food at our Super Bowl party yesterday.

Tonight, A & I went to his soccer practice. I ended up running the last 30 minutes as his coach wasn’t feeling well. It felt good to be back out on the field with the boys.

The girls went to S’s basketball practice then picked up Chinese food. We wrapped up the night with my favorite chocolate cake.

Was it the most exciting of birthdays? Nope, but it was great because we were together and got to spend the evening celebrating.

As we drove home from soccer practice I thought to myself, no matter how disappointed I am in where my career is right now I kept my promise to myself - never let work get in the way of family. Coaching my kids’ sports teams, going on their field trips, and just being there for them. That’s the important stuff. That’s my big rock”.