Book Notes - The Algebra of Happiness

September 2, 2020

Book Notes - The Algebra of Happiness</title?>

Not really a review, just some notes on a few of my favorite parts of the book The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway (aka Prof G)

Measure What Matters

“Your metrics, and the numbers that loom large for you, say a lot about who you are.” This got me thinking about what metrics I use. Like Galloway, I religiously track net worth (can’t help it - accountant and all). I like to see the progress we’re making. Other metrics I more loosely track:

Attach to People

The story about his mom’s irrational passion about his well-being” made me tear up. I want to be that parent for my kids. To not only make sure they know I love them deeply, but that I have their back and hopefully give them the confidence to know they have value and deserve love.

Tomorrow vs. Today

Just remember to be more in the moment. I am getting better at this, but as a planner sometimes I can’t help but think ahead. This passage especially spoke to me:

Why am I so fucking stressed today, trying to build a better tomorrow, when I’m equally stressed the next day? When does tomorrow, the reward, become today?”

So simple, but profound.


I highly recommend the book. It is a short, easy read. I finished it in a couple days. My only quibble was with the book itself. It is so small, I found it hard to hold in my hand too long before cramping up.