Door Dash

December 30, 2020

Door Dash</title?>

We ordered food using the Door Dash app for the first time last night. We had a $50 gift card to use and thought, why not? These are my thoughts on the experience.

The choice of where to order food was plenty and varied. We found multiple places we typically order, so this was not an issue.

The order process itself was simple, and the tracking” feature was helpful. Similar to Domino’s pizza tracker, we always knew where our order was - from preparation to the minute the delivery person arrived.

Now, to the negatives, the costs.

Typically we spend about $55-60 for our family of 4 at this restaurant. Ordering through Door Dash cost us $30 AFTER the $50 gift card, so basically another $25-30. I guess if you’re used to paying sit-down restaurant prices when you go out to eat this isn’t a big deal, but we typically pick up food from fast casual restaurants so this was quite a shock.

Honestly, I don’t see us using Door Dash in the future.