February 4, 2021

Forty Six

Today is my 46th birthday. Or the 30th anniversary of being old enough to drive. The 25th anniversary of hitting legal drinking age.

It’s been a good day. Cold and rainy, yes, but after this many February birthdays that’s no surprise.

After lunch I picked up my free Starbucks birthday drink. For dinner we picked up Salt + Smoke…though they forgot our BBQ sauces (again). I had ribs & brisket. Good stuff.

The past year has certainly been one of the most unique in my life. To think, last year on my birthday, COVID was barely on anyone’s radar. Since then it’s all we talk about.

I got some work done today, but made sure to take time out and enjoy the day as well. What’s the point of living another year if you’re not gonna enjoy it?

I am going to do my best to enjoy this year and make some good memories. Hopefully we will be able to travel and maybe hike some new mountains or visit a National Park or two.

Other than that more of the little things: getting coffee, going for walks, coaching soccer, getting vaccinated! Get together with family and friends when it’s safe again.