It’s Been Awhile

April 23, 2020

It’s Been Awhile</title?>

Since I blogged.

Since I went to Starbucks. Or ate food prepared outside my house.

Since I’ve seen my extended family.

Since I’ve coached or watched my kids’ soccer games.

What a weird almost 2 months it’s been since I last posted. The whole world is different, in a way almost no one could imagine. I wore a mask to Target this weekend. And didn’t think twice about it.

The air is clearer than it’s been in ages in a lot of places. Traffic is almost non-existent. Animals are retaking their land, in places where humans have encroached - such as National Parks.

People are already protesting the stay-at-home/lockdowns. It’s been just over a month in most places. I understand some people may want to get back to work. They want things to get back to normal.

That normal is gone. Even if things did open back up today, it will probably be awhile before I feel ok going and grabbing a burger or coffee or being in a large group of people. I imagine I’m not alone.