November 18, 2021

Keys to Happy Retirement

This article on Happy Retirees was interesting, but I thought the key financial traits it lists were a little obvious.

  1. Having at least $500k in liquid assets.
  2. Paid off mortgage, or paid off within sign of when we stop working.
  3. Having multiple streams of income.

Well duh. $500k and a paid off mortgage are pretty solid foundation for not worrying about money in retirement. Not worrying about money may not make you happy, but it sure relieves some stress. Throw in money coming in from more than one place and honestly what else is there? Maybe a rock solid health insurance plan?

The closer I get to retirement, the more I think beyond finances. Like what am I going to do with my time not having to work 8 hours a day? I have ideas - travel, volunteering, maybe part-time work, coaching. I feel like I need a hobby though.