Monthly Adventures

October 16, 2019

Monthly Adventures</title?>

I love Dave Caolo’s post on his Monthly Bucket List.

Almost everyone has a Bucket List, or list of stuff they want to do before they die. I have a list of 100 Things (that hasn’t quite hit 100 yet). Some big items (build a tiny house). Some small (take a cooking class). Some I’ve accomplished (ride my bike to work), some I might never do (visit all 50 states).

Of course the list is the easy part. I sat down and knocked out 40-50 items within about 15 minutes. I add things now and then but for the most part the list was 90% done after that first sitting.

The hard part is the doing. It’s easy to stick with a routine (rut?) - go to work, come home, take kids to soccer practice or games on the weekend. Then you look up and 25 years has gone by. Finding time to do the list is tough.

That’s the genius of Dave’s post - he intentionally comes up with a few fun things he can do each month. They may or may not be on the bucket list, but he’s actively looking for fun, interesting things to do to put some life back into life.

I am going to follow Dave’s lead and try to pull one or two items from my Bucket List plus a few other micro-adventures I can do each month.