No Buy July 2019

August 21, 2019

No Buy July 2019

I’m a little late on the recap of my second No Buy July, but here we go:

Buy Only the Essentials

A quick review of our Amazon order history shows only 2 items that could be considered non-essential. First, I bought a SPF 50 swim shirt for our lake trip. After getting a bad sunburn on my stomach last year I didn’t want to take any chances. Second, I bought a new pair of shoes for work. I’ve had my current pair for probably 7-10 years and they are looking a little rough, so it was probably time for an upgrade. Total of about $80, I consider that money well spent.

Looking over our credit card spending, I don’t see anything else that is non-essential, just the usual back to school clothes, supplies, etc and soccer registrations/supplies.

I’ll call this one a success, as both of the Amazon purchases were useful and definitely not on the frivolous end of the purchasing spectrum.

Starbucks/Takeaway Coffee

This one is always harder. It’s so easy to take a quick walk down the street to the coffee shop or hop in the car for a quick Starbucks run for a quick break in the afternoon.

Reviewing our credit card, I see only $21 worth of takeaway beverages, none of which are coffee shops. So far so good!

Over in the Starbucks app, I see 5 purchases. One of which was on the way back from our lake trip and one was a date” (aka trip w/out the kids to Starbucks and Target). So basically 3 slip ups. Not great, but not terrible.

Dining Out

Arguably my weakest category of the three. We ate out a total of 23 times, broken down as follows:

Not a strong showing compared to last year, but forgivable given that it’s summer and we’re out and about quite a bit and Stef starting her new job meant some long days getting her classroom ready.

Final Thoughts

The No Buy July is definitely a worthy experiment. It’s good to reboot my thinking now and then about how we spend money. It also forces us to try to plan more meals (and coffee runs) ahead of time, which has the double benefit of being healthier for us.

I will definitely keep this in my back pocket for those times I feel like my splurges become too frequent or common. One thing I need to do next time is get the kids involved, so they are also conscious of spending and the lure of consumerism.