No Buy July

June 29, 2019

No Buy July (2018)

(Note, this is a repost from my old blog, originally posted on August 5, 2018)

Back in June 2018, before we left on our trip to Northern CA, I decided to try a No Buy July” upon our return. I felt like I was getting a little spend-y on some things, particularly the ease of purchasing from Amazon, stopping to get coffees at Starbucks, and it felt like we started to eat out a lot. I’ve always found going cold turkey works best for me, so I wanted to try this as a way to reset.

The general rules for the month:

  1. Essentials only. Food & toiletries were ok, just about everything else was off limits.
  2. Home-brew coffee only. No purchases at Starbucks (or equivalent coffee shops, like Picasso’s for example).
  3. Limit dining out to when we didn’t have time to cook. I don’t feel like cooking” wasn’t an acceptable excuse.

So, How’d I do?

Amazon/Buying Non-Essentials

I only slipped up once, buying a new Callaway golf hat on Prime Day. I had been looking at this exact hat for awhile and it dropped to nearly half price, so I snagged it for $15.

The only other non-essential I bought all month was a new Leuchtturm 1917 journal, that I am now using as my official Travel Journal. I had forgotten my previous travel journal got soaked during our trip to Colorado last year and was ruined. This replaces that one. I think of journaling as an important personal development tool, so I don’t think this was really a violation.


This one was harder. It is so easy, on a slow (boring) day at work, to take a break and run out for a quick pick-me-up.

In the end, I made 4 trips to Starbucks during July. Two of those were on date nights” with Stef, which I am giving myself a pass on. A, because we don’t get the chance to go out all that much and B, $10 at Starbucks is a relatively cheap date.

So that leaves 2 slips, one on Friday the 13th and one on the last Monday of the month, the 30th. So close!

In the end, not too bad, but not a success either.

Dining Out

Before writing this, I assumed this would be the one I failed hardest at. Upon review I actually did pretty well. In total, we ate out 15 times during July. By my unscientific count, 5 of those were not me. For example, it could be Stef taking the kids out while they were on summer break.

That leaves 10 times, which may sound like a lot but doing a quick overview I think only 2 or 3 were I don’t feel like cooking” meals. The rest were either planned, like dinner with my parents to celebrate my Mom’s birthday, date nights (2 more!) or a couple nicer (not fast food) family dinners out — Sugarfire and Qdoba.

Overall, the month wasn’t terrible.

A few observations: