No Facebook

October 5, 2020

No Facebook</title?>

I’m 3 months in to my self-imposed Facebook hiatus. I think I will stay off much, much longer, maybe for good.

Apparently it’s gotten so bad even my wife blocked it on her phone.

This line from Dave Winer sums it up beautifully: It’s like opening your real-world mailbox and all you get are catalogs, mailers, special offers, political ads, notices, most of it goes in the garbage, but you have to look at everything.

When I check our real-world mailbox, I usually head straight for the recycling bin. 95% of mail never even gets in our house. Facebook is probably close to that in terms of junk vs. stuff from friends I actually want to see. But what makes Facebook worse is 50% of the 95% of junk is lies that some people actually believe.