Now - Kevin McCoy

Explore 2020:

So I’m a little late to the party with my word of the year, but after reading Ste Grainer’s post, I am borrowing his theme to make 2020 the year to Explore.

What does this mean? Try new things, visit new places, be present and engaged in whatever I am doing, but most of all enjoy the journey. Too often I am worried about what’s next and I miss or don’t fully appreciate what’s now.

In keeping with that theme, here are some new things I’ve explored so far this year:

New Year’s Day hike.

Lunch at Hi-Pointe Drive-In

NHL All-Star Skills

NHL All-Star Game (the skills was better)

Kid’s basketball games

Gearing up for another tax season.

Coffee at Alpha & Omega Roasting

Hiked the Frenchman’s Bluff Trail at Cuivre River State Park and Hogsback Trail at Klondike Park

3 months straight of closing my Apple Watch rings

List of 100 Items Accomplished

Last update: 30 June 2020.