Same Shit, Different Year

January 7, 2021

Same Shit, Different Year</title?>

After the insurrection at the Capitol yesterday, when the Trump-incited mob tried their best to disrupt the verification of Electoral votes for the Biden/Harris election win and attempt to destroy the place where democracy happens, I wonder how everyone hoping 2021 would be different is feeling?

The hope that the New Year brought sure didn’t last long.

I would love to be able to say this is rock bottom, but Trump still has 14 days left in his term, assuming the 25th amendment or second impeachment don’t successfully remove him before January 20th. (Both options were floated last night.) Things could get worse, but it looks like our government will stand up to him.

Oh by the way, there is still a raging pandemic happening, death tolls setting new records every day. While the President stands by and does nothing, except shout his baseless claims that the election was stolen from him.

A bright spot - in the end, Democracy won. The Senate and House waited out the insurrection and came back together in the wee hours to verify the election. Mitt Romney gave an especially moving speech. He looked shaken, as would anyone after the long day he reportedly had. Other members of Congress spoke of coming together to overcome this moment. Hopefully there is some truth to that.

At any rate, it’s gonna be a long year.