October 4, 2021

September 2021 Inventory

September seemed to fly by, and here we are 3/4 of the way through 2021 already. Wow. So what’s going on?

COVID-19 deaths have now surpassed 700,000, which is just unfathomable, but sadly will keep rising due to unvaccinated individuals distrust of science, government, Democrats? Honestly I have no idea at this point. The vaccines have been out for half the year or more and are now widely available.

Fall is finally here and thankfully we are starting to see temps in the 70s after a pretty warm September, in my opinion.

Soccer season is in full swing in our family, as it does this time of year. Sporting is humming along in first place of their weird trapped” season and the Dolphins are middle of the pack, but starting to play better as a team after a really impressive win this weekend.

I am finally enjoying slowing down a bit at work. We got through the 9/15 deadline unscathed and with the 10/15 deadline around the corner, I’m sure I will be ready for another break after that mad rush.

Stef and I had a nice financial review last weekend and came up with a game plan for the rest of the year and beginning of 2022 (and beyond). We’re in a good place, thankfully, and it’s exciting to think about potentially paying off our mortgage early and the flexibility that comes along with that.

My parents are moving out of my childhood home (6th grade and up anyway) into a smaller, more manageable villa. I’m excited for them, they seem really happy. The kids are bummed not to have our own private swimming pool and hangout for the summer, but honestly we are using it less and less each summer.