Weekend Update

May 3, 2020

Weekend Update</title?>

The weekend is here and people are itchy to get out of their homes. Several states are lifting stay at home orders effective Sunday at midnight.

We took a drive out to Klondike Park yesterday afternoon. We started to get worried there would be a huge crowd when we passed several trailheads for the Katy Trail along the way with full parking lots.

We did a pass through the park to determine where the best place to eat lunch (away from people) would be. We settled on a solo campsite mostly away from other people on the Overlook Drive.

The park’s lake was very crowded so we mostly stayed away from it. We walked the River Trail that crosses the Katy Trail and eventually parallels the river. Then we walked the Herpetology Pond along the cliff - picture on the next post.

It was getting hot after our 2+ mile walk so we took a little break in the shade, then headed home.