Welcoming 2020

January 1, 2020

Welcoming 2020</title?>

Thanks to an unseasonably warm day for January in Missouri we (the family and the dog) and some friends got out to hike at Babler State Park today for a couple hours. It was a great way to start off the new year. Hiking is something I want to do more this year.

When we got home I read the passage below from Niall Williams - author of This is Happiness:

I mean, what do you do to be happy?”

The question was a novelty to him and he considered it from all sides before answering.

When I want a holiday,” he said at last, I go over the road as far as the meadow. I go in there, take off my jacket, and lay down on it. I watch the world turning for a bit, with me still in it.”

He smiled then, and held me in his blue Atlantic eyes, full of the ordinary wisdom of a well-lived life, a wisdom that saw the many failings of the world but our still breathing and dreaming in it, and with a conclusive nod that defeated all arguments said, That’s happiness.”

My going over the road and laying down in the meadow” is a hike in the woods. That’s happiness to me.